Beginner Guitar Chords

This printable will help you get familiar with the guitar chords for beginner. On this sheet you can also study the finger numbers, names of strings and Fret numbers. Here is a simple guide of how to read this chords.

Download this free printable Beginner guitar chords

How to read the Beginner Guitar Chords?

On top we find a thick black bar, this represents the guitar’s nut.

The boxes bellow represent the frets, the first fret is on the top, the second fret is below that and so on.

The vertical lines represent the strings, the first line on the left represents E, which is the thickest string closer to your head.

What are the numbers under the chord?

This numbers represent the fingers on the hand, these are numbered from one to four.

1 – Index Finger

2 – Middle Finger

3 – Ring Finger

4 – Pinky Finger

If you happen to see a “T”, this is telling you to your thumb to fret a particular chord.

What are the dots?

The black dots represent the finger you need to press down.

The white dots over the nut tell you to play that open string without pressing any fret.

What does the X mean?

This These X’s tell you that you should not play that string for the current chord

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We hope you like our Free Printable on Guitar Chords for Beginner. Educational Art creates educational material in English and Spanish, we provide resources for a fun bilingual education.

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