Where to find organic fruits and vegetables in Costa Rica?

There is a lot of people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and that is one of the main reasons they’ve decided to relocate in Costa Rica. Fortunately there is a lot of farming here in Costa Rica, so most towns hold a farmer markets on Saturdays near the central park of the county. DependingContinue reading “Where to find organic fruits and vegetables in Costa Rica?”

Tropical Tubers of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica we have a big variety of Tropical Tubers. They are not only a big part of the Tico diet, but it is also a great source of nutrients that grow naturally in the country. Although the use of some of this tubers has been lost due to globalization, there is places whereContinue reading “Tropical Tubers of Costa Rica”

Tropical Fruits of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a wide variety of Tropical Fruits. Some people enjoy traveling and tasting new foods, this foodies enjoy of the different flavors exotic fruits have to offer. For me there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables people need to try while visiting Costa Rica. Here it is a link to oneContinue reading “Tropical Fruits of Costa Rica”